Hello! My name is Alexia

I believe design is to solve real problems in our everyday lives.

Living as the daughter of a Taiwanese doctor, I spent much of my childhood in his clinic, growing up alongside his patients and nurse staff, surrounded by people in need, and those who had dedicated their lives to helping them. As I grew older, I was given the chance to assist the staff with small day to say tasks, interacting with the patients and in doing so, nurturing a deep-rooted understanding of the relationship between a patient and their caretaker. Since those days, the idea of being able to use my talents in the service of something good was something I kept very close to my heart.

I strive to build beautiful, intuitive interfaces that provide accommodating user experience in order to facilitate and enhance people’s lives in a meaningful way. It has become my passion to create design that inspires the same “wow” and “oohhh” that we all experienced on our first bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.