Alexia Yang
Alexia Yang
Designer | Los Angeles, CA

Audience Network App


About the company

Part of DIRECTV’s Digital Entertainment Product Group, DLab, the Digital Innovation Lab, is responsible for incubating new OTT digital product for emerging consumers from early stage ideation to prototype development, playing a critical role in defining the digital experiences at DIRECTV.


Interaction design


October - November 2014

the context

The Audience Network is a subscription-based television channel, exclusive to DIRECTV subscribers, featuring a mix of original DIRECTV content, acquired series, specials and feature films. To promote the Audience Network and provide more value to DIRECTV subscribers, I was assigned to design a concept app that allows users to easily browse, discover, and watch the latest Audience Network content.


— concept —


1. Multi-Directional Navigation for Continuous Content-Feeding

The Audience Network has four main categories of content: Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, and Other Programs. I designed a structure that arranges the four categories in a loop, allowing users the ability to quickly access any other category with just a swipe or two.



2. Optimizing Content on the Landscape Screen

In portrait mode, the content is arranged as a list of categories and thumbnails for easy and quick browsing. In landscape mode, I utilized the extra screen space to display metadata, allowing for the display of run time, cast information, and a brief summary of the content.

structure 1.jpeg

— wireframe —


— animated presentation —