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Audience Network App


The Audience Network was a DIRECTV entertainment television network that featured a mix of original and acquired series, specials, and feature films. I was tasked to design an app that would allow for an "over the top" (OTT), Cloud based navigation and exploration of the content on this network.


Simple Navigation

The Audience Network content was featured in four main categories: Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, and Other Programs. I designed the app such that these categories were arranged in a loop, allowing users to quickly access any other category with just a swipe or two.


Simple Interaction

While oriented in portrait, the app would arrange the content in a more quickly browsable list of categories and thumbnails. When turned to landscape, metadata relating to the content would be displayed, allowing users to get more specific details on content that had caught their eye.


wireframe – featured panels

wireframe – TV series metadata

wireframe – movies/documentaries/other programs metadata