Alexia Yang
Alexia Yang
Designer | Los Angeles, CA

GoodRx eCoupon & Prescription Transfer Feature


About the company

GoodRx is America’s leading prescription price transparency platform that gathers current prices, savings tips and valuable discounts for every prescription drug at virtually every pharmacy in the US.


Service design, user experience design, user interface design, strategy


Feb - May 2019

context & challenge

In January 2018, GoodRx announced a partnership with Inside Rx, a Prescription Savings Program powered by the nation’s largest benefits manager, Express Scripts, who works directly with drug manufacturers and pharmacies to negotiate drug costs. People are able to save up to 80% on many prescriptions by presenting the GoodRx coupon at the participating retail pharmacies which includes national chains such as CVS. For people’s convenience, GoodRx offers the eCoupon program where users can fill out an online form and have GoodRx digitally submit a coupon directly to the selected CVS. However, there is low adoption of the eCoupon feature.

I was tasked to redesign the eCoupon feature and . The short-term goal was to increase the eCoupon conversion rate and eventually scale the eCoupon feature to Walmart and other major pharmacies in 2019.


— discovery —


Phase 1 User Research


In order to _______, the objective was to re-evaluate the core funnel of user tasks from finding a coupon to using a coupon in pharmacy. working with a research, Method.


Result (Problems & Cause)

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Phase 2 User Research


Evaluate the current eCoupon experience. working with the same research, method


Problems & Cause




— plan of attack —


Answer to the research result and assumed impact/project outcome.


— Design — 


—  Result & Reflection —

long-term goal: new potential: Conversion rate will increase for any types of coupon if we offer Rx transfer as a independent feature because pharmacies care about the market share with one another, easy Rx transfer might prompt positive competition on lower drug price in order to maintain their current customers