Alexia Yang
Alexia Yang
Designer | Los Angeles, CA

GoodRx eCoupon & Prescription Transfer Feature


About the company

GoodRx is America’s leading prescription price transparency platform that gathers current prices, savings tips and valuable discounts for every prescription drug at virtually every pharmacy in the US.


Service design, user experience design, strategy


Feb - May 2019

context & challenge

Working with CVS, GoodRx offers the eCoupon program where CVS users can fill out an online form and have GoodRx submit a digital coupon directly to their designated CVS. The program also allows non-CVS user to transfer their prescriptions from pharmacies where they currently fill their prescriptions. It provides convenience to anyone would like to use GoodRx eCoupon at CVS for lower prices, however, there is low adoption comparing to the traditional coupon usage methods: text, email, and print. The long-term goal was to to scale the eCoupon feature to other major pharmacies in the future. But in the short run, the top priority was to increase the eCoupon claim rate. Working alongside with the product manager and the researcher, my first task was improve the eCoupon feature by solving the existing problems.


Phase 1: Design Improvement



— discovery —

To help me better understand the flaws in the current eCoupon flow feature, the researcher did a remote unmoderated usability testing on the eCoupon flow with 10 participants to identify the pain points.


Problem 1

Confusing start of the process


  • People understood that there are different paths, however, we did not provide clear description to help them choose their path.

  • The third path is not an eCoupon option but there is no explanation why eCoupon is not an option for people who have a new prescription.


problem 2

Counterintuitive pharmacy search


  • The name of pharmacies and addresses are the only two pieces of information provided but people don’t always remember the addresses of their pharmacies.

  • There is no secondary filter to narrow down the results.


problem 3

Information is difficult to follow


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— redesign —


Result in summary (__________ to solve the existing problems) The biggest the problem was _______.


solution 1

Selection screen with clear user condition and call-to-action

  • Clear description of each user condition: current CVS users, non-CVS users, users with new prescriptions, and users without a prescription.

  • When the user select his condition, provide additional information and clear call-to-action to let user know what is going to happen next.

  • For people who have new prescriptions or do not have a prescription, provide explanation why eCoupon is not an option.


solution 2

Easy Pharmacy Look Up

Require location detection or zip code to narrow down

check out.png

solution 3

Intuitive ‘Check-Out’


Phase 2: Long-term Design Strategy


Improving the eCoupon feature by redesigning is only the first step. Before we look for opportunities to make the current product better, I believe we still need to find the missing piece:

How might we make eCoupon more accessible and desirable to use?



— discovery —

The researcher did a remote unmoderated usability testing with 30 participants to re-evaluate the core funnel of user tasks from finding their prescriptions on GoodRx home page, choosing a pharmacy on price page, to selecting a coupon on coupon page. I aimed to get some insights of people’s decision making process through out each step.


other feedback

Problem 1

not enough information when people first learn about eCoupon

It is not clear that eCoupon also available to other pharmacy users

Problem 2

Print Dominant




— rsult —


After re-evaluating the core funnel of user tasks from finding a coupon to using a coupon in pharmacy, I realized that the main problem was we are missing a lot of opportunities to introduce users the eCoupon feature at the beginning of their decision making process.

missing the opportunity for user education on price page and coupon page

More information can aid on decision process

People need more information in every step

People need more information to make decisions


Utilizing the price page and the coupon page to provide more information about eCoupon, specifically the convenience and the prescription transfer service, early on in users’ decision process could increase the chances of them choosing eCoupon over other coupons. 


—  Reflection —


long-term goal: new potential: Conversion rate will increase for any types of coupon if we offer Rx transfer as a independent feature because pharmacies care about the market share with one another, easy Rx transfer might prompt positive competition on lower drug price in order to maintain their current customers

What I am not satisfied with? What would I do differently?

what would i do to achieve that?

what’s my plan

how i plan to ship the product (roadmap)

how the product team is changing the process? what that might look like?

the overall direction of the company

made a prototype and did a Usertesting and presentation within the company and was well received.

Use this project as an opportunity to influence the design process and product envisioning

Use this as an opportunity to influence the product envisioning, provide feedback when someone is designing the price page and coupon page

the more claim. the more work CVS will have to do. how is it going to attact their work