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ISLA Official Website


ISLA, the International Surf Lifesaving Association, is a non profit organization run by Olin Pattern and his friends. Out of a deep love of the open water, ISLA's mission is to advance professional lifesaving development around the would through lifeguard training programs, lifeguard exchanges, equipment donations, and various other programs. By fostering technology to sustain a global network of information, techniques, stories, and culture in the lifeguard community, the association has attracted a great deal of press and media attention in the United States, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, and Italy.



Official Website

The ISLA Official Website is designed in blog form to share their upcoming projects and events. The viewers are able to see photos and short films taken by their team from international ISLA operations. Th support ISLA, viewers can also shop for ISLA products such as T-shorts and hat through the website.


Global Drowning Tracker

The Global Drowning Tracker is a worldwide effort to end the global drowning epidemic through awareness. This tool allows the global drowning prevention community to visualize in real-time where resources need to be allocated and take action to end this preventable epidemic.