LEXI & JAY Coffee Sleeves


About the project

As the world begins shifting towards more sustainable practices, it has become more and more common for major retail outlets to provide reusable shopping bags. The reusable bags used by Urban Outfitters are made from a non-woven polypropylene, and their strong and waterproof design makes them ideal for grocery shopping and other purposes. Being the coffee lovers that we are, designer Janice Fong and I were inspired by the concept of reusability and repurposing to transform these reusable bags into reusable coffee sleeves. In doing so, we hoped to play a small part in curbing waste and improving the environment while also fulfilling a helpful role in peoples' daily routine.


Urban Outfitters shopping bags


Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeves

The Urban Outfitters shopping bags come in different patterns and colors. By combining and sewing them together with colorful threads and decorative buttons, Janice Fong and I created three series of handmade coffee sleeves:


Free Spirited

with an extra touch of buttons

Yin & Yang

reversible coffee sleeves 

Simply Natural

single sided coffee sleeves